Wishes do come true…

Wishes do come true…

Wishes do come true…

Tiger has found the joy of the wishbone. Know what I’m talking about?

When you were a kid, did you play the game where you pull one side of
the wishbone while someone else pull the other, and whoever has the
longest piece, would have their wish granted?

Well…. Tiger loves this…. and here’s what happened yesterday after he

Me: What did you wish for?

Tiger: I wish for a hug from my dad (now in case you wondering, he gets
about 83 hugs per day. There’s no shortage of these in our home)

Me: Awwwww. Buddy, that’s awesome. My guess is that your wish will
come true.

Fast forward 1 hour later. Tiger is leaving for school. I give him a hug

Tiger whispers in my ear, “Wishes do come true!”

Me: Tears

Right now, make a wish. Focus on it. Believe in it. Be patient.

Thanks to a great gift from my buddy Jeremy, I’m reading “The Passion
Test”. I’ve been reminded of the powers of “Intention, attention and
no tension”.

What are you giving your attention to? What you want to focus…. versus
what you don’t want.

Are you asking, “What can go wrong?” or “What can go right?”

What would happen if you focused on your wishes and dreams every
day? Could you make it part of your The Miracle Morning®

2015 is coming fast, and it’s going to be the best year of your life, if you
make that choice now.

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