One Inspiring Dude…

One Inspiring Dude…

One Inspiring Dude…

My friend recently shared this video with me. I
hope you enjoy. Her comment to me was, “This
guy is Living Life In The Front Row,” and I agree!

When you watch it, ask yourself these two

  1. How can you be even more creative and
    resourceful in your life in order to achieve
    your dreams and goals while serving the
    most people?
  1. Are you consciously or unconsciously
    putting limits on those around you?
    (family, friends, co-workers and those
    you lead)

Jon Vroman is an author, speaker and charitable 
entrepreneur. He’s the 2012 & 2013 APCA
College Speaker of the Year, and founder of Front
Row Foundation. To inquire about Jon’s
availability, email

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