Lighten up!

People have told me this more than a few times in
my life. Sometimes I take myself and others too

I’ve been learning over the years that FUN =
Engagement, progress and just flat out a better
way of living.

Prime example… Last night as my boy Tiger is
getting ready for bed (which is always a
struggle!), I say “Let’s see how many seconds it
takes for you to put on your jammies.”

I start counting…1…2…3… FOUR SECONDS

Normally it takes about 6 hours to put on his
shirt/pants! Lol….

This Southwest flight attendant knows how to
engage her audience.

So my friend, how can you use fun to engage
those you need to motivate, lead or encourage?



Jon Vroman is an author, speaker and charitable
entrepreneur. He’s two-time APCA College
Speaker of the Year, and founder of Front Row
Foundation. To inquire about Jon’s availability,
email jon@frontrowglobal.com.

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