Get 10x more from your budget

Get 10x more from your budget

Get 10x more from your budget

How did Martin create a film that should have
cost 23 million for only 2.3 million?

He says it’s time and love.

I love this comment from his message…

“Every department had nothing, so they had to rely
on our creativity and turn every problem into

If that quote peeks your interest…

Click & watch an awesome 11 min
Video and learn how
constraint can boost creativity!

Q: How does Martin succeed in recruiting
talent for to help bring his dream to life?

A: He offers people a space to dream.

People are not just motivated by money, but
meaning. They want their lives to matter.
They want to stand for something, or

How do you offer meaning to others
through joining your mission?

Martin said, “If you have some crazy ideas in
your mind, and people tell you it’s impossible
to make – that’s an even better reason to want
to do it. People have a tendency to see the
problems rather than the final result, whereas
if you start to deal with the problems as being
your allies rather than your opponents, life will
start to dance with you in the most amazing

What challenges do you currently face
where a little creativity would open new
pathways to success?



Jon Vroman is an author, speaker and
charitable entrepreneur. He’s the 2012 &
2013 APCA College Speaker of the Year, and
founder of Front Row Foundation. To inquire
about Jon’s availability, email

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