Coming Together

Coming Together

Coming Together

I love it when a plan comes together.

Did you see this one yet? The AMAZING Ohio
State marching band moonwalking in perfect

And 2 weeks ago, THIS VIDEO , was posted.

Unreal, right?!

I’m saying to myself as I watch it, “It’s hard
enough to play the song, but remember where to
walk at the same time!”

And…they learn new song and routines every

How are they doing this?!! Here’s a quick article
that breaks it down…

The Holidays remind me that there’s power in
coming together for a purpose.

In our house, my wife is the chef – and a darn
good one I might add. She loves cooking. It’s
her passion. I do not share that same passion.

What makes our family work so well is that we
each have passions, and we all bring our best to
the table to serve everyone else. #cleverpun

But… coming together most certainly comes with
challenges – that’s just part of the game.

I remember last year for New Years, my wife
wanted to have 20 people over for dinner. A SIT

I replied, “Where on earth will we put all these
people?!” AKA “No freakin way.”

My wife replied, “It’s no problem, we’ll just pull
the folding table from the garage, borrow some
chairs from neighbors, slide the couch, etc, etc.

Sure enough – we did it! I couldn’t believe it.

Reminds me that we often choose to either fight
for our limitations, or fight for solutions.

It would be easy for the Ohio State Marching band
to take the easy road. They’ve all got classes,
friends that want to hang, some have work outside
of all that…but then to stack on these elaborate
performances – IMPOSSIBLE! Well…I suppose
not – since millions of people have been
entertained and inspired by their performances.

There’s power in large groups, but there’s also
bigger problems. If we can learn to embrace the
chaos, and ask, “How can we make this work?,”
we often look back and say, “That was all worth

Family get-togethers (or working together as a
family at the office everyday) aren’t always
rainbows and unicorns, but when we find the
recipe for success – there’s nothing sweeter.

This holiday season, come together. Have fun.
Remember to take the group pictures. Play games.
Have great conversation. Look beyond people’s
faults. Forgive. Love.

PS. A little bonus video, if you’ve made it this
far. The OSU marching bands follows up the
moonwalk with this little peach.



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