Living College Life in the Front Row

What separates someone who just goes to college to get a degree, and someone who gets the full experience, and then takes their new skills into the after-college world?

Many would agree that when you want to excel in a specific skill in school or life, you should track down those who’ve already succeeded, and do what they do. More often than not, repeating successful behavior leads to more success.

We don’t think we need a world of copycats. It’s great to take the road less traveled. However, when it comes to learning from others, it’s hard to dispute the power of standing on the shoulders of giants. Tony Robbins says success leaves clues – he’s right.

So, for this book, the author interviewed hundreds of students to learn the secrets of success from those who’ve “been there and done that.” No other book has approached the sharing of stories and strategies like you’ll find here.

“I read your book and read it from cover to cover in one seating. I was totally into it from the word go. I had highlighted some stories and saying in your book that I am going to read to my team. I think some are perfect for right before we start a practice and I think others are good for our pregame speech. You had mentioned in your book that you are going to write another, I look forward to that day Jon! I will definitely be purchasing.”

Emily B., Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach, The University of Findlay

“I’m emailing you to let you know that as soon as I got out of the seminar (and then out of my 3 hour dance class and a meeting after that) I came home and read your whole book. I had every intention of reading just the first few pages, until I could find some time this weekend to read some more of it, then hopefully find time after that to read some more.. but I just couldn’t put it down.”

Katie O., University of Dayton

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